Asia-Europe business trade

Welcome domestic and international merchant to carry out project investment cooperation with us! Possess 4 kinds of cooperative projects! Details please visit Asia-Europe business trade net English website!
Asia-Europe business trade net in Chinese Heilongjiang international economic trading company sustain vigorously and Xie do , in 2 October 1,000s, straight examination is opened. Is engage in foreign trade and project mainly: Metallurgical product. Mechanical and electrical products. Hardware product. Traffic equipment. Mechanical equipment. Aricultural product. Electric home appliances. Life commodity. Welcome foreign merchant to Chinese ice city investment cooperation, project: Traffic. Guesthouse hotel. Real estate is developed . IT soft hardware development. Service purpose is: Propaganda. Communicate. Connection and the friendly social contact of world net the people offer a true reliable business platform , offer true reliable service for net the people of world every place! Can not let net the peoples, vast net nautical mile lose confidence! Let you have visited Asia-Europe business trade net, like facilitate as any market shopping! You can be in your Hao residence or your get rich land only gently point attack Asia-Europe commercial platform order notice, you can choose any a kind of merchandise , net to me to send order notice, we receive your order notice, connect immediately with you, we deliver goods with the most rapid time your designated place. Thank the patronage of everybody net friend!
Recruit business cooperative project . The Chinese Harbin loose north development of new area of real estate. . The Chinese northeast central city traffic line development of passenger . transport. . Chinese Harbin guesthouse hotel entertainment basic construction . development. . Computer hardware and software development.
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